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Here's my random stuff bla bla bla and I put sometimes my screenshots bla bla bla.


Do not ask me to change the status. I am the only one person who is able to decide this stuff.

Random Favourites

ATs, PCs and something else made for me

The arts I got from other people.

My MUGEN team

The United Forces logo V2 by BoggyTheWorm

Name: The United Forces (formerly Insane Power/Darksiderz/Infantry of the Girls/The Teenagers of the Blades)
Founded: November 2009
:bulletorange: Tohno Shiki by 9
:bulletorange: Nanaya Shiki by 9
:bulletorange: Misuzu Kamio by 586
:bulletyellow: Akane Satomura by 586
:bulletyellow: Nero Chaos(aka Nrvnqsr Chaos) by 9
:bulletyellow: Warachia by 9
:bulletyellow: Neco-Arc Chaos by Doburoku
:bulletorange: Ryu by Phantom of the Server
:bulletorange: Ken by JMorphman/GM
:bulletorange: Kyo by JMorphman/Warusaki3
:bulletyellow: Liu Kang by Juano16/OmegaPsycho
:bulletyellow: Scorpion (both versions) by Juano16/OmegaPsycho
:bulletyellow: Terry Bogard by Vyn/GM
:bulletorange: Yukari Yakumo by RicePigeon
:bulletorange: Komachi Onozuka by RicePigeon
:bulletyellow: Sakuya Izayoi by Kohaku/RicePigeon
:bulletyellow: Haohmaru by Warusaki3
:bulletwhite: Juggernaut by Splode
:bulletwhite: Boggy B by Aku Ma
:bulletblue: Daniel by Daniel9999999GMC(aka himself)
:bulletblue: Sean by Buckus
:bulletgreen: Keith Wayne by Mouser
:bulletgreen: Axel Stone by Buckus
:bulletgreen: Makoto Mizoguchi by Tokinokuni-Kei
:bulletgreen: Viper by The_None
:bulletwhite: Evil Ken by Reubenkee
:bulletgreen: Adom the Borni by Coockie900, MattTheBiscuit and Daniel9999999GMC
:bulletgreen: Remilia Scarlet by Kohaku
:bulletwhite: Ayu Tsukimiya by 586

GREEN BULLET - recent fighters
BLUE BULLET - the later members (since 2011/2012)
WHITE BULLET - returning fighters
YELLOW BULLET - the elder members after this team founding (since 2009/2010)
ORANGE BULLET - the elder members before this team founding (since 2007-2009)

The people

Awesome pals:

The artists I admire:


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6:33 pm
Aug 1, 2014
1:41 pm
Aug 1, 2014
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Aug 1, 2014
10:00 am
Aug 1, 2014
6:48 am
The list of my complete playthroughs in the various games (including OpenBoR games, regular MUGEN and MUGEN full games) I had recorded by all time:

a) 2009:
  • OutRun 2019
  • Worms 3D - Deathmatch mode
b) 2010:
  • Samurai Shodown V - Haohmaru
  • Capcom vs. SNK 2 - Haohmaru
  • Alien vs. Predator (Capcom's beat'em-up game)
c) 2011:
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Dio Brando
  • Donkey Kong
  • Donkey Kong Jr.
  • Yie Ar Kung-Fu (NES)
  • Touhou 10.5: Scarlet Weather Rhapsody - Sakuya Izayoi
  • Street Fighter II (Koryu hack) - Ken
  • Touhou 10.5: Scarlet Weather Rhapsody - Reimu Hakurei
  • Night Slashers
  • X-Men vs. Street Fighter - Ryu and Ken
  • World Heroes Perfect - Hanzou
d) 2012:
  • Pit Fighter
  • Mighty Warriors - Gurdaf and Nabonedo
  • Survival Arts - Gunner
  • Mortal Kombat 1 - Scorpion
  • M.U.G.E.N - 9's MBAA Nanaya Shiki
  • M.U.G.E.N - MASA's SF2 Ken
  • Blood Warrior - Syogethu
  • Traverse(aka Zippy Race)
  • Slaughter Sport - Mondu the Fat
  • Tattoo Assassins - A.C. Current
  • Street Fighter Alpha 2 - Ken
  • Moster Maulers
  • Real Fighter - Liu Kang
  • Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code - Neco Arc Chaos
  • M.U.G.E.N - Juano16's MK2 Liu Kang (Shown only in FusionUniversalMUGEN's channel, but this group's channel is deactivated)
  • Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter - Ryu and Ken
  • Worms World Party - Deathmatch mode
  • Final Fight
e) 2013:
  • Chiller
  • Melty Blood Act Cadenza - Tohno Shiki
  • M.U.G.E.N - 4x N64Mario's Metool
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3 - Ken
  • Mortal Kombat Chaotic (M.U.G.E.N) - Snake and Adonis Noob Cyborg(a Cylar edit)
  • Death Penalty Zombie Soccer
  • Golden Axe (Arcade)
  • Shingen(aka Samurai Fighter)
  • Mortal Kombat 9 - Scorpion
  • Altered Beast (Arcade)
  • Legend of Kage
  • Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
  • Double Dragon (NES)
  • Double Dragon 2 (NES)
  • Survival Arts - Viper
  • Tekken Tag Tournament - Forest Law and Hwoarang
  • M.U.G.E.N - 9's MBAC Tohno Shiki
  • Melty Blood Stimulate (OpenBoR)
  • Mortal Kombat Special Edition (M.U.G.E.N) - LK-52 and Aice Evil
  • M.U.G.E.N - 9's MBAACC Warachia
  • Streets of Rage XXX (OpenBoR, deleted due to a wrong version of OpenBoR crashing that game)
  • Mortal Kombat Outworld Assassins (OpenBoR)
  • Super Mario Land
  • Streets of Rage Russia (OpenBoR, oldest version)
  • Mortal Kombat 2 (GameBoy) - Scorpion
  • M.U.G.E.N - Omega Psycho's MK1 Johnny Cage
  • Mortal Kombat Chaotic (M.U.G.E.N) - Aice Evil
  • Mortal Kombat Anthology (M.U.G.E.N) - LK-52
  • Golden Axe 2
  • Mortal Kombat 2 (SNES) - Liu Kang
  • Shiva and Lisa (OpenBoR)
  • Super Fightin' Spirit (OpenBoR)
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3 - Cody
  • M.U.G.E.N - Omega Psycho's MK1 Liu Kang
  • Mortal Kombat Chaotic (M.U.G.E.N) - Cyborg Scorpion
  • M.U.G.E.N - Omega Psycho's MK1 Scorpion
f) 2014:
  • Shiva and Lisa 2 (OpenBoR)
  • Streets of Rage Russia (OpenBoR, the first version in 2014)
  • Mortal Kombat Chaotic (M.U.G.E.N) - Sektor Shinobi
  • M.U.G.E.N - 9's MBAACC Nero Chaos and Splode's Juggernaut
  • Time Slaughter - Savage
  • Shiva and Lisa 3 (OpenBoR)
  • Super Fighter Special Edition (M.U.G.E.N) - Frank
  • Mortal Kombat Chaotic (M.U.G.E.N) - Shao Kahn and Shinnok
  • Time Slaughter - Asylum
  • Double Dragon Gaiden (OpenBoR)
  • Time Slaughter - Staine
  • Vigilante
  • Mortal Kombat Chaotic (M.U.G.E.N) - Ultimate Raiden
  • M.U.G.E.N - Omega Psycho's MK1 Sub-Zero
  • Survival Arts - Kane
  • Shiva and Lisa 3 (OpenBoR) - Mona mode
  • Rage of the Streets (OpenBoR)
  • Tattoo Assassins - Derek O'Toole
  • M.U.G.E.N - Polish languaged commentary test
  • Crime Fighters 2: Vendetta
  • Streets of Rage 2
  • Mortal Kombat Chaotic (M.U.G.E.N) - Cyborg Inferno
  • World Heroes Supreme Justice Extra (OpenBoR)
  • Metal Slug
  • Metal Slug 2
  • Metal Slug 3
  • Metal Slug 4
  • Metal Slug 5
  • Galactic Warriors
  • Rage of the Streets (OpenBoR) - Boss mode
  • World Grand Prix (1989)
  • Road Fighter
  • Mortal Kombat 1 - Sub-Zero
  • Streets of Rage Russia (OpenBoR, v2) - Normal mode and Vatnik mode
  • Włatcy Móch: Magiczni Wojownicy 2 - Powrót Pan_Czan_Dragona
  • Touhou 10.5: Scarlet Weather Rhapsody - Yukari Yakumo
  • Street Smart
  • Touhou 10.5: Scarlet Weather Rhapsody - Remilia Scarlet
  • Mortal Kombat Anthology (M.U.G.E.N) - Dark
  • Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter - Wolverine and Cyclops
  • Bare Knuckle 3 (English Translation Hack)
  • M.U.G.E.N - Kurogane's Yukari Yakumo
  • M.U.G.E.N - Reubenkee's Evil Ken and Evil Ryu
  • Streets of Rage Remake - SoR2 Route
  • Mortal Kombat Chaotic (M.U.G.E.N) - MK2 Kitana
  • Streets of Rage Remake - SoR1 Route
  • Mortal Kombat 2 - Kitana
  • Mortal Kombat 2 (SNES) - Kitana
  • Touhou 8: Imperishable Night - Yukari Yakumo
  • Super Fighter Special Edition (M.U.G.E.N) - Joker
  • Streets of Rage Remake - Sonic the Hedgehog mod: STH3 route
  • Touhou 8: Imperishable Night - Sakuya Izayoi
  • Mortal Kombat 9 - Liu Kang


BoggyTheWorm has started a donation pool!
1,125 / 9,000
The prize for the commisions:
a) Drawings:
- Icon - flat color: 15 :points:
Tina icon by BoggyTheWorm

- Icon - shaded 20 :points: - Example:
Nicky icon by BoggyTheWorm

- Half body drawing: 30 :points: - Example:
Behind a wing by BoggyTheWorm

- 3/4 body drawing without background: 35 :points:
Anthro Flaky by BoggyTheWorm

- 3/4 body drawing with background- flat colors in a character: 40 :points:
Tanja the Fox - busty version by BoggyTheWorm

- 3/4 body drawing with background - shaded: 45 :points:
Tawny by BoggyTheWorm

- Full body drawing without background - flat color: 50 :points:
HTF Axel Stone by BoggyTheWorm

- Full body drawing without background - shaded: 55 :points:
Lilly by BoggyTheWorm

- Full body drawing with a background: 60 :points: - Example:
Ayumi by BoggyTheWorm

+20 :points: for an extra character.

The styles I often draw: HTF, Worms and anthro/furry

The art trades/point commision variations, which are NOT allowed there:
- the ideas, where an artist draws himself being killed/bullied/raped/etc. (Seriously. I am sick and tired of this kind of shit. It makes me feel ashamed of being myself.)
- OC copies (for example Virginie clones, Sonic recolors etc.)
- the hateful drawings (Keep your hatred in your heart.)
- porn

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Krzysztof Marcin Krzaczek
Artist | Student | Digital Art
About me.
User name: BoggyTheWorm
Real name: Krzysztof Marcin Krzaczek
Born: 11.07.1992
Country: Poland
City: Lublin

Playing MUGEN since 2007.
Being a HTF fan since 2004.

My accounts:
YouTube: StavrosSkunk
Windows LIVE: Boggy The Worm
Facebook: Krzysztof Marcin Krzaczek
Furaffinity: BoggyTheWorm
Steam: BoggyTheWorm
GGPO: BoggyTheWorm
Skype: BoggyTheWorm
Tumblr: BoggyTheWorm

Picture editing program I am using: Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended Edition + Polish language patch


Warning: My English language skills are NOT perfect.

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The rules of my channel:
1. If you steal my art, I will report it.
2. Respect the art status.
3. If you are making an art trade with me, you should draw your part first. I don't wanna have any one way art trades anymore, because that shit happened to me several times.
4. You cannot write the spam comments there.
5. You are allowed to give me some constructive criticism. I say CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, not such like "this sucks bad anatomy" or something like that, because this doesn't look like any criticism. I want some constructive criticism and advices for developing the skills.
6. Never force me to give you a password to my account.
7. Sorry, but I do not take any tags anymore, because I feel bored with such stuff.
8. Respect my taste. Do not tell me what I am supposed to hate or dislike.
9. Respect me as an artist, then I will respect you.
10. You are allowed to do a fanart/gift for me under a term your drawing does not offend me.

NOTE: You can make a fanart/gift for me, if you would like to. It will be nice. :nod:

Awesome pals:

The artists I admire:

The stamps I'm actually using:
Stop Kissing My Sister Stamp by IFreischutzSingle Stamp by HanakoFairhallSnakes. by The-Legend-Of-BuraiAn Actual Pro Fandom Stamp by endlerSTAMP: Yukari Yakumo by mobbostampscoca cola stamp by GoPurifyYourselfSTAMP: Sakuya Izayoi by mobbostampsI love blue stamp by violetsteelI support Curves by EtherealStardustStamp - Photoshop by MauserGirlRequests stamp by MeganTheRabbitAnimal villains by NooksliderScorpion Stamp by VivaVoceKen Masters Stamp by MRedRaccoonRyu Stamp :3 by isawarrior:thumb259705493:You say furry... by xAniedogFurry Tolerance Stamp by CoonfootHTF by black-cat16-stampsthere's no excuse for your shit by BaconMagicReptiles Need Love stamp by SizzyBubblessnake stamp by KuwaizairShrek and Donkey by mitchie-vTeam Fortress 2 by LadyQuintessenceRouge x Amy stamp by lucas420OHMYGODAVORESTAMP by LentertamentPopumorality ? by Angry-French-KidSlow internet... by prosaixNiekryty Krytyk stamp by almargeriDaily... by prosaixmake Art, not War by Cataclysm-Xhorns up by BaconMagic:thumb365692863:even the bitches and the scumbags by BaconMagicViking metal listener by black-cat16-stampsSymphonic metal listener by black-cat16-stampsGothic music listener by black-cat16-stampsHoMM3 Stamp by ShadowDragon22Bender Stamp by foreverwhiteknightit's ok to hate yourself but not to like yourself by BaconMagicDie without music by black-cat16-stampsDBZ Is Still Awesome Stamp by tennyocelestiaBeing different by black-cat16-stampsBeer by black-cat16-stampsSmoking by black-cat16-stampsSeriously, just stop. by BaconMagicWorld-travel Stamp by Fischy-Kari-chanDragon Ball Z stamp by Bourbons3:thumb98874067:Stamp: give FCs a chance by Jeshika-HarunoPolitix Sux Stamp by AngelofVideogamesStamp Jade by htfloveAPHDr Zoidberd stamp by Neko-BelNCstamp by okinseiNote Stamp by SoVeryUnofficialdigital-artists stamp by CookiemagiK"My Character is NOT Boring" by iNSOMNiAC013M.U.G.E.N. stamp by GaussianCatRecolors are Shit by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeMeat lover by prosaixOverweight doesn't mean Ugly.. by miaowsticI Talk to Myself Stamp by Latias-FlyerThey're really different by FoggyPebbleTrue Artist Stamp by chibibarrageYes i'm a ..... by wLadyB91Anthro Stamp by x-StatikStamp, Virginie by luisana100I Suck at Drawing Backgrounds by MelissaDaltonStamp: Characters are children by JammerleeRandom Crap by AssClownFishI have more OCs than friends by Elise-LucyReference Not Base Stamp. by Boredom-xDSTAMP: Glasses by EmotikonzDon't Blame the Artists by sugarpoultryComment Stalker Stamp by Drick96I Have A Dirty Mind by parliamentFunkWolves are dangerous by paramoreSUCKSNever Leave by LadyIlona1984Cat lover stamp by xXAli-StarXxNO animal go Hungry STAMP by AestivallStamp: Fandom wars by Lady-Werewolfviolent art stamp by thechaosprojectU Mad? by The-Clockwork-CrowI speak Polish - Stamp by Tifa22I hate school not education by EryStampsSnakes are not the devil by Prepare-Your-BladderPepsi-stamp by ZeroIQ5Music Stamp by Taylorinchainspl flag by black-cat16-stampsControversy by black-cat16-stampsTristania by black-cat16-stampsSlavs by black-cat16-stamps' I eat Meat ' Stamp by WolvenRemorseAutism Stamp by jocund-slumberCzesio stamp by BoggyTheWormKonieczko stamp by BoggyTheWormMaslana stamp by BoggyTheWormAnusiak Stamp by BoggyTheWormA stamp about spriteswapping by BoggyTheWormFlippy x Flaky stamp request by Tweek278Anti-totalitarianism by Love-Murder:thumb123142461:Neighborhood Antifa Stamp by SpikytasticEven sexyHTF has its decent artists by BoggyTheWormIt's getting old. Seriously. by BoggyTheWormStreets of Rage stamp by BoggyTheWormOpenBoR stamp by BoggyTheWormYou should know why by BoggyTheWormFairy Tail Stamp by KisakiChangSelf-Taught Artist by sequelleSoft Vore Stamp by LentertamentFavBombed by SmearingSinShipping Support Stamp by TrainerKellybullying survivor by ToxicHaruWolves by SA948-StampsThis gallery is rated for... by NoiryAn Actual Pro Fandom Stamp by endlerNostalgia Critic by shortview

Current Residence: Poland\Lublin
Favourite style of art: Often HTF or anthro
MP3 player of choice: iPod Classic 160GB and Pentagram Vanquish Volt


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Should I make more of the traditional art? 

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5 deviants said Hmmm. Maybe it's better, if you do some digital art. You're doing it better than you do the traditional art.


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